Building together

Culture and Community

Halfway River Group merges traditional values with corporate goals that share this respect and vision for future ventures and positive change.

Halfway River Group is proud and committed to assist aboriginal people and local community members with opportunities through employment, training and experience. By developing capacity and opportunity for our youth, the Halfway River Group creates a brighter future for our Nation.

Vision and Values

Traditional values of respect, community and partnership, combined with innovation, performance and pride are deeply rooted in the Halfway River Group.

The relationship that we have with our community and our clients is the foundation of everything we do. This drives our commitment to delivering safe, sustainable and effective solutions for our customers, while creating positive opportunities for our community.

Our Values

Service – A commitment to honest, consistent service, and client satisfaction

Quality – Continuous measurements and improvement for both our clients and our community

Safety – Zero accidents through best practices and continued education

Efficiency – Maintaining the most effective collection of resources and innovation

Our Commitment

We will continue to build strong and trusting partnerships while seeking to build mutually rewarding, long-term relationships. We will push ourselves to deliver unsurpassed value and excellence every time. We will achieve success together.