Halfway River Group provides a wide range of services for the industries we serve, throughout northern British Columbia. Individually we are already qualified and successful operations. Together, we are a powerful workforce ready to make your next project a successful one.

Logging & Harvesting

Halfway River Group offers a full service stump-to-dump logging operation, equipped to log and deliver. We are committed to providing quality and value, in a safe manner, and work hard to exceed our clients' expectations.


Halfway River Group and our team of partnerships offer a complete spectrum of services for the mining industry. From construction, to mine development, Engineering, Boring and Excavation, even camp accommodations, catering, security, safety and more. We are a team of proven professionals to help you with your next venture.

Civil and Commercial Construction

Halfway River Group is a go-to solutions provider for civil and commercial construction needs, focusing on the northern British Columbia area. Our team features top management leadership and a highly skilled labor force of approximately 1000. Our industry demands innovation and dedication, and we have the portfolio to prove we deliver.

Workforce Accommodations and Catering

Halfway River Group can complement any project with work camp, or workforce accommodations. Our team has an extensive history of supporting industries like oil sands development, oil and gas exploration, mining, and infrastructure projects with workforce accommodation solutions, camp management and catering services.

First Aid and Security

As we work in very challenging industries, Halfway River Group offers complete emergency response solutions, as well as security services to ensure camps and work environments are safe and protected.

Clearing, Mulching, Brushing and Slashing

Halfway River Group has a diverse team of professionals who focus on clearing, mulching, brushing and slashing. Services that are necessary for lease clearing, pipeline clearing, road and access clearing, seismic clearing, power line and right of way clearing.