Halfway River First Nation

Halfway River First Nation is a proud, forward-thinking community with a deep history, and strong cultural roots to the territory.

Halfway River First Nation was originally located on the Chowade River. Through a relocation into IR 168, Halfway River First Nation became situated where they are today, north of the Halfway River approximately 75km northwest of Fort St John. The Halfway River First Nation takes pride in their heritage and culture. Keeping close ties to the Dane-Zaa language that they speak, the traditional practices that are passed and to the land that gave abundantly through their seasonal rounds, Halfway River First Nation continues to forge ahead protecting and respecting their land and history while developing further opportunity for their people.

We are proud to be known for our commitment and success in maintaining positive relationships with industry while still preserving the cultural values of the Halfway River First Nation. It is this progressive approach that will build sustainable growth and a healthy future for our members of the Halfway River Nation.

Halfway River Rodeo

The Halfway River Rodeo remains a showpiece for Halfway River First Nation illustrating both their strong cultural tie to horses and ranching as well as the support from industry and business in this annual event.