Halfway River International SOS Medical Ltd.

Providing Remote Integrated Health and Emergency Services.

The world's leading medical and travel security risk services company.

As the national leader in providing Integrated Health and Emergency Services solutions to leading organizations in the industrial sector, we believe our partnership with Halfway River First Nation will provide you with the best possible employee health and safety solution that supports your project's wellness objectives, while providing opportunities for local capacity building and community growth.

Medical Services

Emergency Services

Passion. Expertise. Respect. Care

We work with passion to provide a professional expertise to our clients. We treat all stakeholders with respect and care about the interests of our clients, partners, local communities, and employees.


We have 15 years' experience in Canada delivering Integrated Health and Emergency Services, while working collaboratively with Halfway River First Nation for over 4 years.

Process Driven

We are ISO 9001 certified and strictly adhere to our philosophy of a disciplined approach to project management and quality controls to ensure predictable and consistent outcomes.

Community Engagement

We actively engage, train, develop, and commit to Halfway River Members. We participate in cultural celebrations and activities and continuously look for opportunities to enhance the community and build capacity within the membership.

Cost Efficiencies

Offer a range of cost efficient solutions to our clients including cross trained functions to ensure optimal manpower usage.

Key Deliverables

We deliver exceptional and appropriately leveled healthcare and emergency services that keeps your workforce safe and working through an effective integrated delivery model that includes advanced Illness and Injury Case Management (Intermediate Care, TRW, Case Management).


With the largest fleet of emergency vehicles and the largest pool of medical, fire, and rescue staff in Canada; we can scale to any project size in the most time efficient manner.