Halfway River Frost LP is one of BC’s premier forestry companies. We have the capacity, the management team, and the expertise to complete any forestry related project, with high quality results.

Halfway River Frost LP have successfully expanded their operations to include mining, oil and gas, and road building. This diversification and expertise in forestry management and investment in applicable infrastructure enables Halfway River Frost LP to successfully manage and complete all aspects of Forestry Projects.

With successful past and renewable logging contracts, and a vast range of project management and heavy/civil construction projects, Halfway River Frost LP is a leader among northern forestry contractors. Our partners, the Frost Lake Group, builds 60km to 100km of mainline and block road annually, as well as major bridge and culvert installation, maintenance and deactivation. Halfway River Frost has many longstanding contracts involving annual harvested volumes exceeding 700,000 cubic metres. These lengthy relationships are indicative of the pride and product that Frost Lake puts forth.

Contemporary forest management requires innovative technical expertise and administration. With three camp facilities, equipment repair shops, a full fleet of modern logging equipment, and a helicopter and hangar, our projects progress as efficiently as possible. Halfway River Frost also has a strong management and administration team, skilled labour force, and four Level 3 First Aid Attendants and three Emergency Transport Vehicles to ensure that we have the capacity required to accommodate any project and a professionalism that you can trust in.

Oil and Gas Services

  • Pipeline right of way clearing
  • Logging and clearing for pipeline components
  • Design and permit preparation
  • Road building

Forest Management Services

  • Forest development and stewardship plans
  • Timber volume analysis & modeling
  • Forestry risk assessments
  • Cutblock and road layout
  • Visual impact and terrain stability assessments
  • Archaeological impact assessments
  • Watershed assessments & restoration
  • Riparian, Fish and wildlife habitat assessments

Construction Services

  • Road and highway building
  • Pre-fab building erection
  • Drainage and reservoirs
  • Civil and earth works

Logging Services

  • Stump to dump logging
  • Road construction
  • Bridge construction
  • Culvert installation
  • Forest land scarification
  • Silviculture stumping
  • Brush cutting

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